Saturday, July 9, 2011

The infamous lovey.

   For what its worth, no one at our house has a lovey.  They have names for heaven's sake!  You should address them properly, lest you be harshly corrected by a four year old.  We have what seems like hundreds of stuffed animals and dolls lying around the house.  I wonder what it is about a certain one that makes it so special in a childs eyes?  Why do these few particular animals need to be hidden when the girls older cousin Payton comes for a visit? 

   Lilly has had Georgie the giraffe since she was about 18 months old.  We had stopped at a rest area on a trip to Paducah and she spotted this stuffed giraffe.  Being the frugal bunch that we are, we told her no.  She must have been destined to have that giraffe because we found one identical at the local Paducah thrift store that very same weekend (it was only $2!).  I always assumed Georgie was a boy.  More recently, Lilly informed me it was a nickname and SHE was actually called Georgina.  Duh, mom!  Lilly also treasures a little stuffed doggie called PeeWee.  She also has a blankie she calls silkie that is a yard sale recieving blankie that I cut in two long ago so I could wash one half at a time.  She is old enough not to NEED these items anymore, but she still treasures them like gold.

  Ryley got a stuffed pig for her first Christmas, his name is Pig William (like Olivia's brother).  She also has a little dog called Pearl thats a pink poodle, but her favor has moved of late to a little Ty beenie baby dog called Tracker "he's a basket hound"  she'll say.  She, too has a little silkie taggie blanket I made for her before she was born.  She likes to rub on it as she goes to sleep. 
  I can only imagine what our house is going to be like as we add to our brood, and thus add to the piles of toys and clothes.  But what I can't imagine is how its going to feel years from now, coming across one of these once cherished animals and remembering my babies when they were young.

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