Sunday, November 18, 2012

Loving myself, inspite of body issues!

  Busy doesn't even being to encompass how I have felt lately.  I keep saying, lets just get through this one thing and then surely it will slow down a little.  And instead, life with three just keeps on truckin'.  I have neglected my blog profusely, but I resolve to try to keep up a little better.  A pre-New Years resolution, if you will.  Maybe my next post can be an annoying compilation of all the things I have missed blogging about.  However for now, I am going to just write about this.  My body issues.  I have had a weight problem for what feels like my whole life.  I was self conscious in high school about it, but looking back, I was very normal and average weight, and it was a typical teenage girl body issues.  Since gaining more than the "freshman 15" in college, I have gone up and down with marriage, babies and Weight Watchers in between.  I really do long to lose more baby weight, and all the extra that was hanging out from before.  $ and time are an issue now, but for now, I resolve to do this instead.  To 1) Make better choices daily, and 2) Not to get down on myself for making a bad choice and moving on the the next day and 3) To love myself more, and to love myself openly.  I have fought hard (so far) to keep my girls from having weight or body image issues.  I have fed them the right things, encouraged active lifestyles but I think the one things that's missing is my attitude about my own body.  Yes, I have gained weight.  I think 9 months later, I can't keep blaming it on Avery and pregnancy.  No, I am not the size I want to be, but YES I do love ME and I love what my body grew and nourished.  I RESOLVE to say this daily to my girls.  Its so easy to smile at their little faces and tell them how beautiful they are inside, and out.  Maybe hearing it from me about myself instead of worrying about aging skin, jeans that don't fit right, stretch marks and saggy breasts will be just what my girls need to be confident and secure in a world that judges women primarily on looks alone.  If you are a mom of girls (and boys too!) please joining me in making an effort to outwardly love ourselves more!
The blog post below inspired me to write these thoughts down, please go check it out too!

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  1. Such a great topic and it sounds like you are setting a great example for them! If you every need any real food recipes or nutrition training don't hesitate to ask...God has given me a great passion for health and nutrition!