Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Camping Fun!

Well, its already been a month since we took Avery on her first camping excursion, Dale Hollow Lake.  It was also my nephew Paxton's first camping trip too, and we had so much fun!!  The weekend prior, it had been 95+ degrees, so we were worried about how hot it was going to be.  In actuality, it was much cooler than we thought, and we all ended up in hoodies and sweats during the evening and early morning hours.  Luckily, it was still warm enough during the day to head to the lake, or the swimming pool.  We all had a blast, one big (all 18 of us!) happy family!


Mommy warming Avery up!

Avery, lakeside!


Ryley, Daddy and Lilly enjoying the pool!

My nephews, Paxton and Jude, in the baby jail!

Family photo by the lake!

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